About us

Bryn SykesBen Sykes - Tour Director
Ben is without doubt, one of the most knowledgeable and charismatic linguists I have ever met. A true professional who works tirelessly for the success of each of his tours. His patient but firm manner and infectious enthusiasm for anything French….. or Spanish…. or German …..have made him a firm and well respected favourite over the years and I feel very privileged to be able to include him in my team. The question I am most asked by my clients is ‘How’s Ben?!’.

William BrandonWilliam Brandon - Tour Director
Will has worked for Connect Studies for the past two years and has been noticed for his humorous but caring approach to the demands of his role as Tour Director. When not leading groups throughout France and Spain, he is away studying French, Spanish and Arabic at University.

Mark CeanMark Cean - Tour Director
A musician, Mark certainly adds a very different flavour to the tours he leads, often treating the group to an impromptu concert in French! An energetic and persistent character, Mark is very good at insisting suppliers provide the very best of service for Connect Studies groups!

Jonny HymanTom Brandon - Tour Director
Tom is a bilingual computer science graduate and has recently joined the team! A Tour Director in his own right, as well as providing a much needed hand with IT in the office. A competent climber with a quirky sense of humour, Tom will be seen often in Normandy, Paris and trips to the Loire.