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The safety of everyone travelling on our tours is of paramount importance. We follow strict procedures to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid or manage risk appropriately and have a proportionate and sensible approach for the planning of all activities.

The priority is to provide a tour that is safe and to follow a positive, pro-active approach to safety standards worldwide. These include guidelines set out by the DfES in 'Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits - A Good Practice Guide' and 'Tackling the Health and Safety Myths'.

Health & Safety Checks

As detailed in our Safety Management System, all transport, accommodation and visits for your tour are checked to ensure they comply both with the statutory risk regulations applicable in that location and meet the standards of our own risk assessment evaluation. These checks are carried out regularly by our own staff to ensure that standards are maintained.

24-hour Support and Communication

Prior to departure, we maintain close communication with our clients and give as much help and assistance as possible during the planning stages. Whilst on tour, the Tour Directors will have an in depth knowledge of the destination  and will provide your teaching staff with the best support they can to ensure that all runs as smoothly as possible.  We pride ourselves on the service provided by our Tour Directors, who are chosen for their skills and enthusiasm as well as their expert subject knowledge.

We also have the expertise and support of a 24-hour Duty Office and are available on-call at all times throughout your trip. Advice is given prior to departure specifying who will be on duty during your tour and the best number to use.

Help with Risk Assessments

We will forward and discuss detailed risk assessments for all elements of your tour, including transport, accommodation and visits. All potential risks are identified, rated and given a risk rating and existing procedures for dealing with the risks are identified and evaluated. All of our trips are regularly evaluated to ensure that they are relevant and consistent with current government recommendations. Where appropriate, the Tour Director will also give advice on the assessment and management of risk during the tour itself.

Group Leader Safety Guide

Through our comprehensive safety program, we aim to reassure parents, staff and pupils alike that the tour is well organised with passenger safety at the core of the tour organisation. Our Group Leader Safety Guide includes important information on the following subjects:

Safety Policy Mission Statement:

  • Role Of the Tour Director
  • Role of the Teaching Staff
  • Staff/pupil Ratios
  • Supervision on the Coach
  • Supervision during Visits
  • Supervision at the Accommodation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Behaviour, Code of Conduct
  • Medical Needs and Advice
  • Information Required by Connect Studies
  • Information required by parents
  • Standards of Safety and Security in Hotels
  • Standards of Safety in Coach Transport
  • Fire Procedure
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Legal and Insurance Considerations


It is a condition of booking that schools are covered by comprehensive travel insurance providing the vital protection needed for holiday emergencies. Schools often organise this themselves through their County but we can, on request, provide fully comprehensive cover through Endsleigh Insurance.

Product Liability

Connect Studies has an extensive insurance policy including public/product liability insurance cover up to £10 million, professional indemnity insurance up to £1 million and employer’s liability insurance up to £10 million.. This cover is usually required by LEAs and is a prerequisite of the EEC Directive.

Financial Security

As a reputable company, we comply with legal requirements for the protection of consumer funds as required by the Consumer Protection, the Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour regulations 1992. We protect all clients’ travel monies in a trust account (overseen by two independent legal trustees) until the tour is complete and everyone has returned home safely. Given certain restrictions with other nationally known schemes, we offer a level of security that is immediate and complete.

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