The French Alps

Although we offer traditional ski trips, I have also always liked the idea of the ’classe de neige’, where pupils combine language learning with a week experiencing various snow activities including alpine and cross country skiing, dog sledging, igloo building and  mountain rescue.  Bramans, in the French Alps is a quiet resort offering the perfect environment for beginners and general snow activities whilst Val Cenis offers a bigger variety of more challenging runs for those teachers wishing to concentrate on alpine skiing. With picturesque villages and shops and the opportunity for evening activities such as bowling or skating, these resorts represent a welcome compromise with affordability and would suit staff wishing to include as many pupils as possible rather than exclude on the basis of cost.

Pupils from 11 – 18 years old

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Although groups sometimes fly in to Grenoble, most of our groups tend to travel to Bramans by coach. Whilst our accommodation at a centre offers the security of en suite rooms and a one school policy per building it nevertheless represents tremendous value for money, especially during February half term which is the same price. The guides at the accommodation are also a particular asset, working tirelessly to ensure your pupils get as much out of their stay as possible.