When a school asked me to research Iceland for them and volunteered to be my ‘guinea pigs’ once a programme had been set up, I set off for this fascinating country to see the sights for myself. I found myself gazing in awe at a landscape  of stunning icecaps, lava fields, steaming geysers, fissures, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes and I knew straightaway that Iceland presented a veryunique opportunity to study a plethora of geographic features which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Iceland also offers the possibility to explore sustainable energy at the second largest geothermal power station in the World and in Reykjavik itself, we are able to examine how a successful economy runs entirely on green and renewable energy. If you also include the options to study food and energy supplies, whale watching and free time bathing in the Blue Lagoon, it is easy to see why Iceland is such a treat for geographers and scientists alike.  The icing on the cake …….if you travel between September and  March, Iceland's skies are witness to a natural phenomenon, known as the Northern Lights!

Pupils from 12 – 18 years old

A tour to Iceland is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment but it is also one of our most expensive destinations.  Most flights are from London and we would organise local coach companies for excursions around the area. Our hotel accommodation is ideal for groups with a policy of one school occupancy but we can offer the option of a youth hostel if preferred.

Call us now if you are planning a tour to iceland to discuss our ideas and the possibilities available to your group!