Quite simply, this region, hosting the capital of Bavaria, has something for everyone and is fast becoming a popular venue. The stunning scenery of the nearby Alps with its fairytale castles and pretty medieval towns contrast with the lively and dynamic centre of Munich where groups can enjoy some of the excellent science and BMW museums. There is a poignant side to this area with both the Dachau Concentration Camp and Hitler’s retreat at Eagle’s Nest and there is also the possibility of an excursion into Salzburg. If you are looking for a broader appeal for your students, this could be the ideal destination for you!

Pupils from 11 – 18 years old

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There are approximately ten hours driving time from Calais, and so as a destination, it is closer than both Berlin and Barcelona. Alternatively, flying to Munich has become more affordable with charter airlines and some groups may prefer to travel this way. We work with several very traditional hotels and a couple of youth hostels offering en suite accommodation.