It is colourful, vibrant, stylish, diverse, energetic and warm! With a rich cultural identity and a heady mix of world class galleries, bustling markets, extravagant architecture, famous footballers and the thrills of Portaventura,  Barcelona has all the ingredients for an inspiring tour that pupils rave about. It has the power to fuel a passion for learning, encouraging pupils to develop their subject strengths and implanting a desire to return one day. For a teacher, there can be no better reason to come here than that!

Pupils from 11 – 18 years old

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Some schools do fly to Barcelona using the vast choice of flights now available and Spanish coaches but some schools still prefer to travel by coach as the most cost effective option. The journey takes on average 18 hours from Calais but our experienced drivers stop regularly and make the journey as comfortable as possible. We use several hotels on the coast and after many years of working with these hoteliers, we are confident in our ability to offer you the best experience possible.

Can you travel in May, September or October? The climate is great, there are less crowds and we offer reduced rates – call us now!